Scale magazines are becoming very scarce and in the United States nonexistent.
Scale modelers are preserving the heritage of aviation in miniature and in most cases replicating aircraft that no longer exist in full size.
It seems only natural that there be a publication dedicated to scale builders, pilots and those that just enjoy the information. 

Scale Aviator International answers that call and with no limitations on page count or the number of photos in an article.

FAQ or Favorite Asked Questions
Some common questions from Scale RC Aviation enthusiasts:

Q: How many issues will there be a year?
A: At the current time, we plan to publish 6 issues or one every other month. As the subscription base builds, and articles accumulate, we plan to publish an issue a month at no additional charge to our subscribers.

Q: Can I view a sample magazine online?
A: Yes, and it is free. You can view the 25 page preview edition. Turn pages, enlarge articles, and link to advertisers.

Q: Can I submit articles?
A: Yes, we encourage all types of scale aviation articles for complete builds to a neat technique for scale modeling.

Q: Can I view the magazine on my iPAD?
A: Yes, but not as an ITUNES APP yet. It will view without the dramatic page turns since tablets like the IPAD cannot play Adobe FLASH. Pages will appear as individual high resolution PDF files.

Q: Will (Scale Aviator International) provide reviews on ARF’s?
A: Yes, but with certain restrictions. First, it must be a close to scale ARF. The second criteria is that the magazine can have a builder take it to the next step, which may be new covering, glassing the ARF and adding scale details to bring that model to a higher scale level.
Q: Will there be an Apple App for the iPAD or iPhone?ot in the near future based on the cost Apple charges per each issue

Q: Will all the advertisers be scale orientated?
A: We will focus on specific products from small shops to major manufactures that can provide products for scale modelers. In some instances there will be cross over products such as 2.4 GHz radios, landing gear and many more. But there will also be products from around the world that are not found in  the current model magazines. due to the cost of advertising.

Q: Will Scale Aviator ever go to print?
A: Printed magazines require a large subscription base of 10,000 subscribers or more to make it affordable. The burden then falls to the advertisers, and that eliminates the smaller shops with unique products like scale pilots, wheels, guns, decals, and much more. Digital permits us the opportunity to put in last minute articles, reviews, and new product releases without the lengthy lead time associated with printed magazines.

Q: Can I download articles and photos?
A: Yes, you can download articles as a subscriber and photos. This is helpful if you need references for a project and want to have the article on your bench. The magazine is in a PDF format so you can download selected pages to your desktop.

Q: How do I subscribe to Scale Aviator International?
A: Click on the subscribe area on the first page or the “Subscription�? tab. You can pay with PayPal and there is a currency converter for non U.S. Orders.
You do not need to be a PayPal member to subscribe.

Q: How do I advertise in Scale Aviator International?
A: Click on the AD INFORMATION  buton on  each page of this website. 



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