scale warbirds
Rivets and stitches in miniature requires a passion to replicate a full size aircraft.
Replicating a full size aircraft in radio control flying form is also representing the rich heritage of that aircraft regardless of the era or type while displaying superb craftsmanship.

Scale Aviator International now brings all of those scale aircraft builds to your fingertips in an online digital format. 
Always available anywhere, anytime worldwide!

ABOUT the Magazine Scale Aviator International

The magazine was a struggle to achieve with a steep learning curve, but with a driven passion to represent true scale modelers around the world. Scale Aviator is also a platform to bring new scale products to your attention particularly for the small shops that cannot afford to advertise in the mainstream model publications.

Of course getting articles of merit is always a struggle, but all are welcome from simple scale builds to scratch built from a modelers own plans.​  Scale is Scale and while the hobby industry as a whole is softened somewhat from internet sale, and a mass of foam airplanes. They all may be scale, but not like what you and I are driven by.

Incidentally, Scale Helicopters and Sailplanes are also invited to join as they represent a portion of the scale aircraft segment of our sport.

What motivated me to jump into publishing a digital scale magazine?
My passion for scale models was the pathway to announcing model scale events. My goal was to give the pilot and builder the recognition for their unbelievable efforts in preparing some of the finest scale models in miniature. Now I have adapted that principle to a complete source for scale modeling in this digital online magazine. The opportunities now afford us to see the builds completely with NO limitations for word count or number of photos or pages in a specific article. The magazine will feature the inside scoop on who is building RC scale models around the world.

My background in publishing stems from the previous ownership of a printing company and as editor and publisher  of the  High Flight magazine for the IMAA (International Miniature Aircraft Association) for three years. I was able to take a stapled spine, paste and shoot publication to a perfect binding and a digital format. That format remained with my successor until the magazine was discontinued.



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Sam Wright, Editor
"Lets remove the myth that no one is building scale anymore!"  Maybe scale has changed with Scratch Built to fully detailed scale ARF's, but you are still in the game!
Keeping Aviation Heritage Alive 
with Flying Scale Models.....
I have been around scale models for a little over 35 years as well as announce some of the most prestigious scale events in the USA and out of country with 30 years at Top Gun alone!. 
"It is nearly impossible to announce for some of the best pilots in the world and not understand RC Scale Miniature Aircraft!"
I build Scale models and enjoy learning from those that have set the bar for all of us to achieve!

Sam Wright, Editor